About Us

We live two languages, and they enliven us!

Besides being our trade name, Tongue Typer is a nickname reserved for members of a small, select team of PL/EN translators. An independent translator created this service in 2006 to serve as an outlet for sharing her linguistic skills and cultural knowledge with individuals and business.

Tongue Typer is not an agency. We perform every task in-house with dedication and skill, enthusiastic to all the different challenges each one offers. Our motivation is simple: a passion for communications and information!

The Polish/English language pair is our specialty. Through our project management expertise we can act as an intermediary for other language pairs that include Polish or English.

The tasks we have the skills to complete are:

  • Document translation
  • Editing
  • Translation verification and proofreading
  • Localisation of Web sites, publications, and multimedia products
  • Terminology
  • Formatting and page layout

The quality work Tongue Typer is recognized for is delivered by our native speaker translators and editors. The translated text you receive is beyond grammatically correct – our focus on such important details as a text's purpose and target audience ensures that its translation remains true to the author’s original vision.

Contact us today and take an important step towards improving the quality and consistency of your Polish/English communications.