Pricing Per Page

A standard page is defined as 1800 characters with spaces and rates for both Polish and English services are the same.

You can calculate your service charge before ordering, as it is based on the number of characters (with spaces) in the source text. Simply divide the total by 1800 or 1125 and than multiply by the Price per page of the service you require.

Pricing Per Page
standard translation

Your text is translated to fulfil the desired purpose in the target language and make it feel like the original.

Each translation we perform is edited/proofread by a separate, qualified native speaker.

sworn and certified translations 

All foreign language documents submitted to public authorities (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, university diploma) must be translated authentically to be valid. These types of translations are performed by translators who have appropriate authorisations.

Pursuant to sworn translator legislation, one standard page of officially certified translated text is 1125 characters (including spaces) and is indivisible, i.e. each new page is counted as an entire page.

‹ mini › translation

We offer a special low rate for translations of one page or less. It is available to all our clients (existing and new), but is most applicable to students who require the translation of CVs, thesis abstracts, etc.

This service is an industry-first and Tongue Typer tradition since 2006. Some restrictions apply, contact us for details.

editing /

As every translation we perform is edited/proofread by us, this service is for those who want to make improvements upon a translation by another company or person.

Editing focuses on content (how clearly the message is communicated) while proofreading on mechanics (spelling and grammar). Attention is given to style, specialized terminology, target audience appropriateness and communications goals.



There is no extra charge for:

  • formatting
  • technical texts
  • industry/content specialist consultation
  • project management
  • terminology management


IMPORTANT: Non-electronic source text, image and PDF scans, difficult to read text, specialized text, non-standard file formats, and the translation of subtitles require surcharges.

Send us your documents and we will get back to you with a precise quote. Prices are valid until the publication of another price list.

Deadlines are always specified before an order is accepted

A contract cannot be compared to a product description; a brochure to a user’s manual. For this reason, not all texts can be translated or edited within the same period of time. An order will not be acceptedif we do not have the adequate time and expertise to complete it in an accurate and quality manner. This is also why we discourage express services.

Convenient payment methods

Wire transfer, PayPal

Confidentiality guarenteed

Tongue Typer realizes that some documents are sensitive in nature. Upon request, a confidentiality agreement can be provided or we can work with your standard agreement.